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Welcome to Directline Translations, the leading translation experts in Nigeria with a vast network of certified Language translators covering over 200+ languages.

Please kindly fill the form below to request our translation and interpretation services or Call our care line 070-6816-2137 for support. (check below to see our global certifications and approvals)

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Associations and Affiliations

In order to optimize our industry acumen, we are members of various local, regional, national and international organizations. Our management team and staff sit on various committees and boards as well as being active with several international trade, marketing, financial, legal and translation associations. Geared up to gamble utilizing gratis startguthaben casino. We utilize these organizations to increase our knowledge and awareness of trends, legislation and competition, as well as to help facilitate international business and trade.

American Translator Association Member and/or Certified Translators

American Translator Association Member and/or Certified Translators

Directline is a corporate member of the American Translator Association . We are actively involved in the Association and attend annual meetings to stay abreast of all of the latest developments in linguistics. Translators on our staff who are not ATA certified are certified by other reputable associations, such as:

  • Canadian Translators, Terminologists and Interpreters Council (CTTIC)
  • Colegio de Traductores Públicos CTPBA)
  • Monterey Institute Graduate School of Translation & Interpretation (GSTI)
  • The Translators and Interpreters Guild (TTIG)
  • Washington State Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS)
State Bar Associations  / U.S. Licensed Bilingual Attorneys

Nigeria Bar Associations / Supreme court of Nigeria Licensed Bilingual lawyers

we have U.S. licensed bilingual lawyers on-staff who are dedicated to working exclusively on our client’s legal-related projects. Our attorneys help ensure each legally sensitive document translated uses the correct legal terminology in the target language. This can have a significant impact on the quality and integrity of the final translation, especially for the highly regulated insurance industry. Our attorneys are qualified to provide legal certifications of every translation. Our attorneys are license to practice and can provide Bar certificates upon request.

Globalization and Localization Association (GALA)

Globalization and Localization Association (GALA)

Directline is an active member in GALA, which focuses on new developments in website and software globalization and localization. Through GALA, Trusted Translations is constantly improving its content management systems (CMS) with new technology and add-on features.

National Minority Supplier Development Council

National Minority Supplier Development Council

DirectlineTranslations is a certified minority business enterprise (MBE). Directline translators is actively involved in the diversity council and attends national and regional meetings.

Translation Automation User Society (TAUS)

Translation Automation User Society (TAUS)

Directline is an active member of the Translation Automation User Society. As a leader in this space, our experts are invited to be guest speakers and panelists at almost all major TAUS conferences. TAUS is a think tank for the translation industry, undertaking research for buyers and providers of translation services and technologies. Its mission is to increase the size and significance of the translation industry to help the world communicate better.

Our Process

Each project is assigned a language consultant who supervises the following:

  • Terminology Management:

    A comprehensive glossary of terms specific to the client’s project is created in collaboration with the client. This process is managed by a terminology/content manager whose sole function is to receive, interpret, convert and implement terms via a dynamic glossary that is distributed to our linguist teams. This process provides consistency in the project and is crucial to maintaining a high level of quality on large projects.

  • Quality Verification and Process Checks:

    Our verification procedures and tools track quality across all of the documents, thereby allowing us to deliver accurate translations with fast turnaround times. Each document will be reviewed by a translator, a proofreader and a content manager. In addition, these individuals will have access to all of our in-house resources for consultation.

  • Selection of the Translator Teams

    The linguist teams assigned are determined by experience and specialty. All of our translators are native speakers in the target language. For highly technical content, we rely on subject-matter experts to ensure the correct use of industry terms. We will work in close collaboration with client representatives to ensure that the translation is done in accordance with the client’s preferred terminology.

  • Desktop Publishing Management:

    Assuming that desktop publishing is required, a desktop publishing (DTP) manager will be assigned and will pass the work to a design team responsible for returning all translated documents in the required design format.

  • Translation Memories:

    We do not rely on any computer translations and use only human translators. Memory tools, if employed, are only to facilitate the management of human translated words and phrases. Depending on the deadlines involved, we utilize memory tools to save time on high-volume translations that have been proofed by linguists. We DO NOT rely on translation memory tools that merely copy and relocate sentences and/or paragraphs from one document to another at random. Our linguists exert man-hours in evaluating every translation. We take language assets very seriously and do not outsource quality to save time.


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