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The combination of our core values and professional approach is powerful and delivers successful outcomes for our clients.

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Gorsie J.

Lagos, Nigeria

6 / 22 / 2017

“I have used this service for my translation needs and I couldn't be more satisfied. They provide the highest quality of work in a short amount of time and their prices are reasonable. I've been to a lot of other translation services, but this one is my favorite!”

Smiling mature man wearing spectacles looking at camera. Portrait of black confident man at home. Successful entrepreneur feeling satisfied.

Thompson R.

Lagos, Nigeria

6 / 22 / 2017

“I was looking for a translation service in Lagos, Nigeria that would offer the best quality at an affordable price. I found Lagos translation service after searching for "translation services in lagos nigeria" on Google. After reading a couple of reviews, I decided to give them a call and they did not disappoint! ”

Mature cheerful african american executive businessman at workspace office. Portrait of smiling ceo at modern office workplace in suit looking at camera. Happy leader standing in front of company building.

Mike B.


6 / 22 / 2017

“Lagos Translation Service is the best translation service in Nigeria! I use them all the time and they never disappoint me. They always come through and provide top-quality translations on very short notice. They are professional, friendly, and go out of their way to provide great service. I would highly recommend to others looking for a good translation service in Lagos..”

Portrait of a mature man standing against a grey background

Abubakar K

Lagos Nigeria

6 / 22 / 2017

“I am so happy with my decision to go with Lagos translation service. It's the best translator service in Nigeria, and one of the only ones that offers a real-time translation feature. It has saved me so much time on a very low budget. I don't know what I would do without them!”


Jason C.

Lagos, Nigeria

6 / 22 / 2017

“I've been using the Lagos translation service for years and have had nothing but positive experiences. The staff is highly friendly, professional, and very efficient. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a translation service in Nigeria.

Beauty with darker skin on a neutral background.

Henry I

Lagos, Nigeria

6 / 22 / 2017

“We've used John a number of times, and the man is great. He responds quickly, gets to you in minutes (somehow even when on the other side of the city), and always has some wisdom to pass along. I would highly recommend him.”