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Translation Equipment

We provide translation equipment in major cities in Nigeria, Lagos, Abuja, Port harcourt, Kano, Kaduna and cities near you. 

Directline translators provide competitive simultaneous translation equipment rentals for a wide variety of interpreting equipment, including sound-proof and table top booths, headsets, transmitters, microphones, and more. We offer this service nationwide and west African sub-region.

The success of a project involving simultaneous interpretation largely depends on two important factors: the quality of interpreters and the equipment. Whether it is a small meeting or a large international conference, Directline provides complete translation equipment rentals, including rentals of interpreter booths (table top and fully-encapsulated), headsets, transmitters, and other wireless equipment. This allows us to ensure quality performance in any simultaneous interpretation assignment we provide throughout the Nigeria.

Translation Equipment System

Simultaneous translation equipment is used in conferences and meetings to convey the voice of an interpreter to audience members with limited English proficiency. Here is how the operation of simultaneous interpretation works:

  • The presenter speaks to the audience through a microphone, which connects to the interpretation booth.
  • The interpreters (two per language due to the complexity of simultaneous interpreting) use a fully equipped interpretation booth, usually placed on the side or on the back of the room, behind a stage, or in a nearby room. They listen to the presenter through headphones, and then speak into a microphone, which sends a radio/infrared signal through an interpreter console to a transmitter. The transmitter acts like a small radio station that sends the signal out to the room and to the audience.
  • The audience listens to the interpreter’s voice through lightweight, wireless headsets and ear pieces, which receives the signal from the interpreter’s booth. If more than one language is being interpreted, then each one is transmitted on a separate frequency or channel, and the listeners select the language they want to hear on their receiver.

Equipment Required for Simultaneous translation equipment

When you call us Directline translators on 07068162137  or contact us through our form to request simultaneous translation equipment, your quote will include the best and most appropriate equipment, designed to provide quality and interference-free transmission. The booth’s sound insulation, dimensions, and air quality, as well as the sound quality of the headphones, microphones, and other equipment, are all integral components of the simultaneous interpretation process. We have several well-equipped facilities to ship from nationwide, saving you time and money while providing maximum flexibility for equipment delivery. our  translation equipment  is available as a complete system, and also as a portable interpretation system.

Complete Translation Equipment Systems

For conferences or meetings in a fixed location, Directline translator’s equipment is available as a complete interpretation system, which includes the following:

  • For the presenter: speaker’s microphone, podium stand, audio speakers, and audio mixer with necessary connectors and cables
  • For the interpreters: interpretation booth(s), transmitter(s), console(s), with necessary connectors and cables
  • For the audience: receivers and headsets, with ear phones

Our on-site technicians are responsible for setting up the equipment, testing it, and monitoring throughout the duration of the meeting or event. Once the meeting or event is over, our technicians disassemble all the equipment and return it to one of our office locations. Our on-site technicians are located throughout the U.S., providing you with a premium service at a low rate.

Portable Interpretation Equipment Systems

ALTA can provide you with a portable interpretation equipment system for assignments involving tours or multiple site locations. This wireless system includes interpreter transmitters with microphones and audience headsets with earphones. With portable systems, an interpretation booth is not required. This is a good alternative for smaller meetings not needing traditional interpretation equipment, or where smaller budgets need to be accommodated. In addition, ALTA’s portable system offers an optional wireless sound feed, which can amplify the sound for the interpreters.

Contact Interpreting

For more information about our simultaneous interpreters and interpretation equipment rental, please fill out our call us at 07068162137.


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