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Nigeria translation equipment Rentals

Get translation and interpretation equipment in Nigeria

Besides translation services, we also offer the necessary interpreting facilities and conference technology. Request a quote for both and benefit from a one-stop service and overall price reduction.

Should you need conference equipment only, Directline remains a leader in Nigeria!


Interpretation booth, interpreting booth, translator’s booth, translation booth

The professional, soundproof workplace for interpreters, where they can go about their work discretely without causing sound emissions that might affect speakers or audience.

The high quality of our equipment guarantees good acoustic conditions for the interpreters which constitute the basis of high-quality simultaneous interpreting. Live translation into several languages is also easily possible when using interpreting booths. Based on your needs and request, our sound technician will either only install and dismantle the booth or also provide you with technical support throughout the event.

Mobile & wireless tour guide system, portable sound transmission system

The simple alternative in case of limited space or low budget.

The whole equipment (transmitters and receivers with headphones) is delivered in advance and picked up again following the event. No additional support during the event is needed which makes the unit for whispered interpreting an attractive solution for smaller meetings.

A particular advantage of the whispering equipment is its mobility, as it can also easily be used for guided tours. Furthermore, Directline interpreters provides an in-ear kit along with its whispering equipment. This enhances the sound quality for the interpreters which is the basis for a continuous, comprehensive interpretation.

Further conference translation and interpretation equipment (event technology, congress equipment):

our INTERPRETERS also offers the full audio engineering such as PA systems (i.e. loud speakers and microphones of your choice), mixing console (mixer), speakers’ lectern, overhead projector, beamer, screen, stage, laptop computer and lighting. Just ask us!


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