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Translation equipment in Lagos

Are you hosting a conference in Lagos and you need interpreters and translation equipment in Lagos ? Our conference translation equipment in the best in the country.

translation equipment in Lagos TRANSLATION EQUIPMENT IN LAGOS


Conference interpretation would not be possible without the right equipment. We offer equipment to ensure that participants at your event can clearly hear everything that is being said. We offer the following interpretation equipment:

  1. FM receivers and headsets
  2. Table-Top and Full-Size Booths
  3. Booth Equipment: Interpreter Console, Interpreter Microphones, and Interpreter Headsets
  4. Stationary Transmitters
  5. Portable Transmitters

Any of our interpretation equipment may be rented and provided along with the interpreters for your event. In addition, our certified technicians will be on hand to set up, configure, test all equipment, and will be on-site to ensure that everything runs smoothly for the duration of the event.

We provide world-class translation equipment in Lagos. Get translation equipment in Lagos any time.


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