Technical translations

Technical translations

Technical translation is perhaps the most difficult translation specialty because it demands an extreme accuracy. Like technology itself, technical translation services must be carefully crafted to meet specifications with no room for error. In a global business environment heavily dependent on technology to function, this can have drastic consequences for any international organization relying on accurately translated technical materials. Our clients expect state-of-the-art quality and that’s what our technical translators provide to them.

The need for consistent terminology and the repetitive nature of technical writing requires technologies such as translation-support tools and translation memories (not “machine-translation”).

Professional Technical Translators

Language pair is not the only specialization of a professional translator. Professional translators also specialize in specific subject matters. A specific industry will have its own body of terminology. And, translators must have a substantial experience with each industry to proficiently use the right technical terms. That’s why we have translators specializing in specific subject matters such as:

For Manufacturers

Manufacturers of all industries require high accuracy technical translations. These are just some of the industry segments we serve on a daily basis: manufacturing, aviation, engineering, automotive and agriculture translations.

For Tech Companies

High-tech companies are becoming a major component of the US economy. Startups and large technology companies take advantage of our technical translation to expand into global markets such as China, Brazil, Russian and India. Some of the translation projects we provide to such companies: website, software and app translations.

Large-volume Projects

Extremely large projects involving hundreds of thousands of pages may become feasible when technology is used to leverage the human talent. For such projects, we use an approach of human-edited machine translation to deliver good quality at short turnarounds and translation rates below market average cost.

Our Technical Writing

Technical documents require professional translators who understand the rules of technical writing. Before assigning your important documents to a translation company, make sure the vendor has the qualified human resources you need

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