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Sworn translation

Sworn translation by sworn translators for 180+ Languages

We do Sworn Translations of official documents considered valid for all legal proceedings. We are official translators and we belong to the official list of Sworn Translators . Our sworn translations include the certificate, signature and seal of the Certified Translator

Our sworn translators are waiting at bay to do their best for you! What is a sworn translator? A sworn translator is the translator authorized by the judiciaries in the Western countries for the official translation of juridical/legal papers/ documents for the jurisdiction of a given country.

The government (the court to be exact) of the above-mentioned and other countries grants the authority to verify the accuracy/truthfulness of the translation and the integrity of a copy of the translated document. Translation services NG can offer you sworn translations – which are translations made by sworn translators, which have a signature, a stamp, and a translator’s statement verifying the accuracy and truthfulness of the translation.

Types of documents:

All types of documents can be officially translated, but the most frequent are:

  • Immigration Documents
  • Academic Documents
  • Legal Documents
  • Certificates and Records
  • Bills, Tax Returns, Payslips

We are certified, bonded, insured, experienced and reliable Traveling Notary Company Serving San Francisco Area since 2000. We now provide mobile notary services in 25 states and the list of services that we offer has grown to also include Mobile Fingerprinting, Apostille Processing, Loan Closings, Translation Services and Process Serving.