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Spanish Translation Services


Spoken by nearly 500 million people, Spanish is the third global language after English and Mandarin. Despite the economic crisis that has weakened the Iberian Peninsula, Spain is still an ideal economic partner today. Regarding Latin America, certain countries export a great deal of oil and minerals, so a partnership with one of these countries might be beneficial and strategic.

Spanish is incorrectly seen as an “easy” language; indeed, only a professional translator will fully understand its cultural subtleties and dialectal variations. For example, the same word can mean two different things depending on whether you are in Spain or Latin America. Cultures Connection works with many companies in the aerospace, energy, trade, clothing, and tourism sectors, where the use of Spanish is a reality. The translation of documents into Spanish represents a significant amount of our business.


Need a Spanish-English translator? An English-Spanish translator? Cultures We offer customized, high quality, and competitively priced Spanish translation solutions. The locations of our translation agencies, particularly our office in Argentina, have allowed us to establish strong relationships with qualified Spanish translators. We offer Spanish translations (Castilian, Catalan, etc.) adapted to your requirements.

Our translation company collaborates with natives of Spain, Central America and Latin America with the most diverse specializations. Our language experts must pass specialized translation tests before they can be registered in our database and work only into their native languages, in accordance with the regulations in force.


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What is an official translator?

In Spanish, the official translator figure is called “traductor jurado” (in English, it would be translated as “sworn translator”, although “official translator” might be more meaningful).

An official translator is a professional translator fully certified by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, who has the legal capacity to translate from one foreign language into another foreign language, as well as to certify that the translation is accurate.

My official translators are the elite of the translating industry, the best professional translators in their first and second languages; true professionals, not only experienced to do perfect translations, but to stamp them and certify them as legal documents. I’m not bragging (well, I am, just a little bit

Would you like to make sure that your English Spanish official translations have been done by a real certified translator?

Check out the official list of official translators certified in Spain by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Needless to say that each member of our official translation team is on that list.

What type of documents can be officially translated?

Anything, such as emails, simple notes, official one-page certificates, 500-page technical documents, and the list goes on.

Here is a list of the most common translations we do:

  • Birth certificates
  • Marriage certificates
  • Death certificates
  • Wills
  • Probates
  • Affidavits
  • Criminal records
  • Police reports
  • Academic records
  • University certificates
  • Medical records
  • Government documentation

And here is a list of some of the heavyweight translations we’ve done to date:

  • Title deeds
  • Court sentences
  • Business and Organization statutes
  • Full document package for visa application
  • Full medical history
  • Business technical documentation
  • Confidential and strategic corporation documentation
  • Annual reports and balance sheets of Companies
  • University syllabus
  • Research papers
  • Commercial contracts

We are certified, bonded, insured, experienced and reliable Traveling Notary Company Serving San Francisco Area since 2000. We now provide mobile notary services in 25 states and the list of services that we offer has grown to also include Mobile Fingerprinting, Apostille Processing, Loan Closings, Translation Services and Process Serving.