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Spanish Dialects

Directline translators is an ISO certified Spanish translation company in Lagos Nigeria that offers high quality , Spanish document translation ,Spanish website translation and Spanish interpretation services by professional translators in Lagos Nigeria. Call our Spanish translators on 0706-816-2137

Should You Use a Spanish Dialect or Not?

Most people do not realize that while Spanish is one of the world’s universal languages, there exist many dialects of Spanish. Once people realize this fact, the most commonly asked question at the beginning of a Spanish translation project is what type of Spanish should be used.

At the request of our clients, we provide a more a tailored solution that can help target a narrow set of speakers from a specific region. For example, Trusted Translations can translate into Iberian Spanish, Latin American Spanish or U.S. Hispanic Spanish. Many companies want to target a larger territory and prefer a Spanish that is neutral across a specific geographic region, such as Latin America.

We generally recommend that you use a Spanish that is understood and accepted by nearly all Spanish speakers worldwide.

However, if you need to address and communicate with a particular market, you may want to localize certain documents and interfaces, such as Spanish manuals, Spanish software user interfaces, Spanish websites, Spanish legal documentation, Spanish technical specifications, etc. For example, if Spaniards (or Spanish speakers from Spain) are your target audience, then you should clearly use the Iberian Spanish dialect.

Our expert Spanish project managers will work with you and your organization to carefully select the right Spanish solution for your project.

Which Spanish Should I Use for My Translations?

There are two important elements to consider when deciding which “type” of Spanish to use for your translations project -the target audience and the budget. Naturally, you want to effectively communicate with every person in your audience. With the right budget and time, you could tailor a translation to almost every person or groups of persons you wish to address.

However, budgets and time can be limiting factors in tailoring a translation to every Spanish-speaking market. You have to look at the cost-benefit of tailoring your content. For example, Microsoft has found it beneficial and more profitable to localize their software programs for almost every Spanish-speaking market. Given the ubiquitous nature and popularity of their software, having a tailored solution for each country makes sense.

Coca-Cola also specifically tailors their marketing message for each Spanish market, as they know that each country uses Spanish words differently.

In other instances, the cost of tailoring a translation for every Spanish-speaking country is just not worth the incremental benefit. The good news is that in these instances, Trusted Translations can provide you with an excellent solution – using neutral Spanish, Latin American Spanish or Iberian Spanish. Using these large sub-divisions is the logical and cost effective solution for most projects.

Neutral, Latin American, Castilian and US Spanish

Depending on the circumstances, it is possible to use neutral Spanish translations and, in other cases, it’s advisable to use Latin American Spanish translations, US Spanish translations or Castilian Spanish translations.

When making this decision, several factors must be weighed, including: the area or industry concerned; the public being addressed, the purpose of the content (sell or just inform), etc. No matter what the case is, Trusted Translations, a recognized authority and leader in Spanish translation for almost any market or target audience, will help you understand the key differences and help you select the right Spanish for your project.

Spanish Dialects and Spanish Translation

No matter the size or importance of your project, our experts will take special care to help you determine the best choice of Spanish, depending on your particular case, the objectives of your company, your budget, your communication needs and the public being addressed.

We will help you assess whether to use neutral Spanish translations or a Spanish localization for a specific Spanish speaking market, such as: Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Puerto Rico, Spain, United States, Uruguay or Venezuela.


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