Professional Portuguese Translators

Professional Portuguese Translators

We are a network of certified Portuguese translators in Lagos, Nigeria under the corporate entity of Directline. We provide trusted Portuguese translation services in Lagos Nigeria as the international  base of our Portuguese translation services. We also extend our Portuguese services to all the 36 states and West African sub-region. We believe in Human translations and engage highly proficient Portuguese translators on our platform

A professional Portuguese translator efficiently translates texts from English into Portuguese or from Portuguese into English. This includes a systematic translation approach, in-depth knowledge of Portuguese as well as delivering the work on time. The Portuguese translator also should keep confidentiality of the client’s information.

Language Skills

Portuguese translators have the ability of expressing that word or sentence with its meaning, emotion and, of course, its grammar by choosing the proper words or sentences in the required context. These skills are developed over time thus the need for seasoned Portuguese translators to work on your translation projects.

Source and Target Languages

English into Portuguese translations

If Portuguese is a translator’s native language then Portuguese should be her target language and her language pair should always be English into Portuguese. Professional Portuguese translators know vocabulary generally up to university level education. They are familiar with both cultures.

Portuguese into English translations

For translations from Portuguese into English the ideal translator will be a native English speaker with professional knowledge of Portuguese. It is worth to remember an interesting fact from the Brazilian culture. Because Brazilians have great self-confidence, they may be tempted to translate from Portuguese into English translations. Make sure this doesn’t happen in your translation project. Even Brazilians who have lived most of their lives in an English-speaker country will not be able to write in English as well as someone educated in English from birth. Some information about how challenging it is for Portuguese speakers to write like a native English speaker here.

Keeping Themselves Updated

Professional Portuguese translators should know of the changes, additions and deletions happening in both languages. The source and target language are undergoing constant changes. Words will have different meanings and new words will keep on adding, whereas certain words will lose their importance and become outdated. Professional Portuguese translators keep constant track of the latest trends and traditions regarding both their target and source languages.

Portuguese translators should translate specific fields of knowledge, be it economics, law, literature, science, medicine or communications. They should have enough knowledge, awareness and idea about the required vocabulary to deliver professional translations. They should also have an ability to transmit ideas quickly in an intelligible manner. Qualities of a good writer and a good speaker are requirements for a good professional translator.


Professional Portuguese translators should be able to produce at least 3,000 words of translation per day. The more words they are able to carefully translate per day, the more they increase their earning as translation is normally paid by word. Clients expect the assignments to be executed within a short turnaround time.

Quality with timely delivery can be improved by a doing an adequate research of the subject of the text that needs to be translated. Keeping updated with CAT tools ( computer-assisted translation) helps translators keep productive and improve their earnings.

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