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Certified Portuguese Translation

Certified Portuguese translation is the Portuguese translation that is either done by a certified translator or the translator issues a certificate with the translated document declaring the translation to be accurate and complete.

Certified Portuguese translation of birth certificates, marriage certificates, affidavits, legal orders etc. are required in courts, immigration departments and other government departments. Certified Portuguese translation may cost higher than normal Portuguese translation, as it requires some extra qualification and process than a general Portuguese translator.

Each country has different standards for a “Certified Translation”

The Portuguese translator working in the field of legal profession needs to provide certified Portuguese translation. The ways in which the Portuguese translation in legal field can be certified depends on the regulations of the local Court or Judicial Council. In case the translation is to be presented in any Court of US than the translator needs to be certified with the State Court. A certified translator has to provide a statement with the translated document stating that the said translation is accurate and complete as compared to the source document.

If the legal translation is required for presentation in UK courts than in that case the translator has to take an oath in front of the solicitor or authorized official and give statement in writing stating that the translation done is accurate and complete in comparison with the source document. This process of is called filing an affidavit. The legal translator has to file an affidavit every time when a translated document is to be submitted in the court’s of UK.


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