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Portuguese Varieties

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The dialect of Portuguese spoken in Brazil

The dialect of Portuguese spoken in Brazil is divided into northern and southern groups with the northern group putting more stress on vowels. Cultural issues have played a role in preserving the Portuguese dialects spoken in Brazil. People are proud of their language and wish to keep it uninfluenced. The biggest difference between Brazilian Portuguese and European Portuguese is grammar. The placement and use of certain pronouns is different. They also use a non standard inflection. Some of the names of the different dialects of Portuguese used in Brazil are Caipira, Carioca, Cearense, Baiano, Fluminense, and Espírito Santo.

The dialect of Portuguese spoken in Europe

The dialect of Portuguese known as European or old world is spoken mainly in Portugal itself. The dialects within Portugal can also be divided into two main groups. These are northern dialects, southern and central dialects. Southern and central Portuguese dialects are notable for their preservation of the differences between certain sounds. They are also notable for the particular way they stress certain vowels. The southern and central dialects include the dialect spoken in the capital of Portugal, Lisbon. The northern dialects of Portuguese spoken in Portugal are notable for preserving the pronunciation of certain consonants and for the influence of the Spanish language. The northern dialects include the dialect spoken in the Portuguese city of Porto.

The dialects spoken are more complicated than this, and often include major differences in pronunciation and usage. Most of the time though, variants of a certain language will have subtle differences that allow the speakers of two (2) different dialects to communicate without the need for a translator. Often the written version of the language is also universal with no changes for dialect.


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