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Notarial Deed Translation Services

NOTARIAL DEED TRANSLATION in over 180 languagea

Are you looking for a notarial deed translation? Translation services NG is a legal translation agency which can assist you in finding the right certified or sworn translator for the translation of the notarial deed you require.


A notarial deed is a public document drawn up by a notary and therefore it has a higher legal force than the ordinary document, since its authenticity and truthfulness need not be demonstrated.

The need for a notarial deed is relatively common in both civil and business practice. The law requires the form of a notarial deed in cases of certain legal acts (most often contracts), notarial deeds are required for the certification of legally relevant facts, notarial deeds are also required to prove the decisions of the bodies of legal entities (most often companies).

In cooperation with an independent notary, we will arrange for our clients the drafting of notarial deeds, especially in the following cases:


  • Notarial deeds drafted in connection with the modification of the joint property of the spouses (SJM) (narrowing or division of SJM)
  • Direct enforceability agreements in the form of a notarial deed – documents for direct execution without the need for prior judicial proceedings
  • Notarial records of unilateral statements – wills, dispossessions, provisions of the succession administrator
  • Contracts in the form of a notarial deed – a purchase contract (most often a contract on the transfer of real estate), a pledge agreement
  • Notarial deed on establishing a foundation, establishing an owners association, establishing an institution
  • Notarial deed on the establishment of the trust fund


  • Notarial deeds on the founding negotiations while establishing business corporations (memorandum, founding charter, acceptance of statutes) – establishment of a limited liability company, joint-stock company or European company, establishment of a cooperative, etc.
  • Notarial deeds on change of a memorandum, founding charter or statutes of an existing company – typically change of registered office, change of name, change in the amount of the share capital, change of the scope of business, dividing of the business share, etc.
  • Notarial deeds on the liquidation of a company
  • Notarial deeds on company transformations – typically mergers, divisions, transfer of assets to a shareholder, etc.

The notary’s remuneration for drafting a notarial deed is given by a notarial tariff and is most often based on the value of the item on which the notarial deed is made. In order to determine a specific price, it is necessary to subordinate your particular case directly to the relevant table of the notarial tariff.

If you are looking for an independent notary, do not hesitate to contact us and we will arrange for you the making of a notarial deed according to your requirements.

Do not hesitate to contact us and order a notarial deed online.

A notarial deed is a special public document, drafted by a notary, stating the contents of a legal (trans)action and meant as a safety net for the participants of this legal (trans)action. Examples are the legal ownership transfer of a building recorded in a notarial deed or a notarial deed of cession of a right. For the translation of these official documents a sworn legal translator should be chosen to guarantee the flawless quality of the legal translation.

Our legal translation agency is aware of the importance of the notarial deed for you and so is the legal translator who has the knowhow, the skills and the experience you need. Please contact us for more information about a notarial deed translation and a free quote.


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