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APP translation/localization

In addition to Android applications, we also localize applications made for Apple, Windows, BlackBerry and Samsung. It has been demonstrated that clients who have their apps localized see their sales increase and are better able to enter different markets by breaking the language barriers. Thanks to these new users, developers and owners are able to grow their brand and improve the overall experience of their new as well as existing users.

Where Should You Localize your Application to?

When deciding which markets an app should be localized to, a developer should pay attention to several factors. A primary factor is to analyze the origin of the traffic. If there is a good amount of traffic from a particular country, we recommend localizing the description and the app to such country and language. Another factor is to assess the market size of your particular app in other countries and languages. For example, we always recommend localizing apps into Spanish to target the U.S. Hispanic market, given the mobile penetration among these Spanish speakers in the U.S.

What Parts of Your Application Should You Localize?

A common question asked is what parts of an app should be translated and localized. To provide the best user experience and maximize sales, we recommend having all the different parts (e.g. description, app, instructions, names, etc.) localized. However, one can always begin with the description first and later with the app itself. Sometimes the name needs to be localized as well, whereas other times it is best to leave the original name; this requires a case-by-case assessment. The localizable or translatable parts of an app include:

  • App description
  • Name
  • Graphical user interface
  • Images
  • Instructions
  • Help pages and contact information

App Translation or App Localization?

As a service provider, we will work with you to understand the extent of the localization required for your project. While a major part of a localization project consists in translating the content into the target language, there may be more localization elements required, such as units of measurement, currency, legal jargon, etc. We will help you determine the extent of your localization and facilitate the entire process.

App Localization for Different Devices

All devices are different, especially in size. For this reason sometimes when we translate, we need to measure character space. For example, a BlackBerry’s screen is much smaller than the screens for newer Android or Apple devices. Hence, it is important to take into account the maximum number of characters for each string, since the text must have a specific size in order to fit on the device’s screen.

For apps running on Android, Windows and BlackBerry, most likely only one localization will be necessary for all the devices. However, Apple iOS may require a special localization effort considering the fact that it allows for a tailor-made user experience for the ipad, ipad Mini, ipod and iphone apps.

Translate, Localize and Test your Application

In addition to translating and localizing, we can also test the localized application for different markets. Ideally one should both localize translations as well as test them prior to a full launch.

You can get in touch with Trusted Translations to request a quote for the translation, localization and testing of your app. In addition, you can contact us for consulting services pertaining to translating, localizing and testing apps for Android, Apple iOS, BlackBerry or Windows.


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