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We are a network of certified German translators in Lagos, Nigeria under the corporate entity of Directline. We provide trusted German translation services in Lagos Nigeria as the international  base of our translation services. We also extend our services to all the 36 states and West African sub-region. We believe in Human translations and engage highly proficient translators on our platform.

Today’s technologies are changing the way businesses interact with each other, allowing for new opportunities  with innovation and efficiency. As a result, many international companies want to keep their employees and their clients educated and fluent with modern technology, which requires the expertise of translation services. German technical translation is a resource for companies worldwide that are looking to accurately reproduce their technical materials in other languages. We specialize in English to German and German to English for all types of German technical translation, such as, but not limited to:

  • manuals
  • operations guides
  • assembly instructions
  • web design
  • engineering
  • technical writing
  • information technology