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French translation Services


Entrust your translation needs to Translation Services NG. We rely on a large network of translators across the globe. For each project, we select competent professional translators who specialize in your industry sector or domain. In order to ensure truly localized content, our translators only translate into their mother tongue.

Translate into Standard French

Our translations are usually carried out into French from France by default unless you request otherwise. France being one of Europe’s largest economies, it is easy to understand why translating into Parisian French is so important. Our qualified translators are all native speakers and provide you with a fluently written, high-quality final translation.

French: one of the main languages of international organizations

French is widely used by international organizations such as the UN, the European Union, Interpol, or the Red Cross. Translations for international organizations are usually expected to be done in a neutral version of French that would seem equally natural to a French, Belgian, Swiss or North African reader. This is referred to as International French or Universal French.


  • Medical

In the highly specialized domain of medical and pharmaceutical translations, where each specialty requires experts with domain-specific knowledge, we offer professional translations for physician reports, medical devices, user information, internal documents, research papers, etc. Biomedical companies, healthcare providers, and research laboratories rely on our services with the peace of mind that they will receive high quality translations designed to reach French markets the world over.

  • Legal

Each legal system has its own set of specifics that only translators trained in legal translations and/or knowledgeable of those systems can understand and translate accurately and precisely. Our translators have mastered the intricacies of legal terminology and deliver professional translations of all types of legal documents including contracts, settlements, expert witness reports, certificates, terms of sale, etc.

  • Financial

French is the third most widely used language in the world of international business, after English and Chinese, and the third most widely used at English-speaking companies, behind German. There are many international corporations from France, Switzerland, Belgium and Canada in the banking, finance, and investment sectors, an international presence that makes it an essential language in this domain.

  • Scientific

There are significant research and development investments in domains such as nuclear energy, aerospace, and biotech, in French-speaking countries such as France, Belgium, Switzerland and Canada. It is therefore hardly surprising that French is globally the third most widely used language in the world of science and academia.

  • Audiovisual

France and African French-speaking countries are big consumers of video and audio programs produced by media companies from North America as well as those from Asia, such as Japan, Korea and China. Our audiovisual translators are specialized in the fields of video games, film, on-demand video, and digital marketing, which ensures they can find the most appropriate vocabulary and tone for each type of multimedia content, whether they be movies, documentaries, marketing videos, educational programs, etc.

  • Business

France boasts the fourth highest number of transactions for services in the world, Canada has a thriving business sector, and Africa, home to half the world’s French-speaking countries, has a strong and growing presence in oil exports. Building business relationships at an international level requires translators who are professional and knowledgeable of specific business environments.


Approximately 285 million people around the world speak French. It is the official language in 29 countries, and the fifth most widely spoken language in the world. French is also one of the working languages of the United Nations and the European Union. Its widespread use make it indispensable for business, diplomatic and scientific agreements, conferences and meetings.

Variants of French exist in the countries where it is spoken. The French commonly in use in Quebec is very different than that spoken in France, both in terms of pronunciation as well as vocabulary and local expressions. The same goes for the French-speaking countries of Africa and those of Europe such as Switzerland and Belgium. Even within France itself, there are notable linguistic differences between regions.

Translation services NG takes great care to interpret the linguistic particularities, expressions and cultural references specific to each target domain. Wherever you may be located, and whatever your industry, domain or target audience, relying on Cultures Connection gives you the confidence that your content is translated into relevant and high quality French.

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