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Chinese translation services

Professional Chinese Translations in Nigeria | Lagos | Abuja | other cities in Nigeria

Translating specialist documents from Chinese or to Chinese

certified document translation services in Nigeria

We mainly offer translations from English into Chinese, while we naturally translate out of Chinese too. We undertake the translation of countless types of documents, including clinical trial documentation, technical manuals and licence agreements.

We guarantee the very highest quality for all translations we undertake. We expect the translators at Albion Languages to be almost as experienced in the topic of the translation as the author of the document. In the case of technical, scientific and medical translations, for example, the author and the target audience often have a degree in medicine or a PhD – just like our translators. Get Chinese translation services in Nigeria, Chinese translation services in Lagos, Chinese translation services in Abuja, Chinese translation services in Port harcourt,

Translation services NG is specialized in professional and certified Chinese translations in combination with over 180 languages.

Most common combinations in Nigeria include:

  • Chinese – English – Chinese
  • Chinese – Greek – Chinese
  • Chinese – Russian – Chinese and more

Our services include:

  • Chinese Translation of educational document
  • Chinese Translation of Utility Bills
  • Chinese Translation of Bank Account Statements
  • Chinese Translation of Criminal Records 
  • Chinese Translation of Passports, IDs, Driving Licenses
  • Chinese Translation of Diplomas
  • Chinese Translation of Legal Documents
  • Chinese Translation of Corporate Documents
  • Chinese Translation of Financial Statements
  • Chinese Translation of Medical Reports

Thanks to the continuously expanding economic, political and cultural relations, there is a growing need for Chinese translations. In the case of Chinese, there isn’t a single uniform language, but rather significant differences between dialects, which make them different Chinese languages – the speakers of these language variants don’t always understand one another. The most significant language variant of Chinese is the Mandarin language based on the Peking dialect, which is the official language of China, Taiwan, Malaysia and Singapore. As a result of the uniform social and political development of China, despite the different dialects, the writing of the language variants is uniform and, of the languages in use today, it has the longest standing unbroken and documented history, spanning around 3,000 years.

One can distinguish between two many types, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese, which is the standard version developed and introduced in the 1950s. Traditional Chinese is used in Taiwan, Macao and Hong Kong, while Simplified Chinese is used in China and Singapore. With the help of our native translators, we are up to speed on the slight nuances and constant changes. In order to avoid making mistakes, even when we translate the most complex texts, three experts work on each project: a translator, an editor and a proofreader.

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Chinese translation services in Nigeria, Chinese translation services in Lagos, Chinese translation services in Abuja, Chinese translation services in Port harcourt, Chinese translation services in Ibadan,


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