At Directline, we treat legal translation seriously. A legal translation should be completely mistake-free whether the document is appearing before the Supreme Court or local law systems. That’s why we use certified translators who have a proven track record and solid legal understanding of legal language. Our Chinese translators go through vetting evaluations to help us understand their level of legal expertise that they can apply to your legal documents.

Aspects of Chinese Legal Translation

  • Human translators are required to translate any legal documents being used within the law system. Law systems usually do not approved documents to be translated by free agents or automatic translation services online.
  • In most cases, certified translations are mandatory. Second-rate translators usually cannot provide certification.
  • Clients and law systems do not take kindly to mistranslated legal documents.
  • Technical terms are abundant in legal translations. Only certified specialists in law-related areas should work on legal translations.
  • Legal translations can be jeopardizing. Lawsuits or even defacement of a company’s image are potential risks for mistranslating a legal document.

Experience with Legal Industry

Experience has shown us that the legal industry is specific. It requires the highest degree of attention to detail. Our veteran Chinese translators are specialized with the proper skills of the legal industry. Also, we are always on time with deadlines. Our Chinese translators are well aware that legal translations submitted after deadlines are unusable. Because of this, our translators and project managers make it a priority to always provide our translations in a timely manner that is tailored to our clients’ request.

Legal Translations for Law Firms and Corporations

Our certified Chinese translators produce certified legal translations. Law Firms, Corporations, Financial Institutions, and Government Agencies all use our translations. Also, industries such as Commercial Law, International Law, Litigation, and Immigration look to The Translation Company to get the job done. Our legal translations are guaranteed to be 100% accepted by any US Department, Government, Court, Employers, Law Firms, Universities, etc.