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We are a network of certified translators in Lagos, Nigeria under the corporate entity of Directline. We provide trusted translation services in Lagos Nigeria as the international  base of our translation services. We also extend our services to all the 36 states and West African sub-region. We believe in Human translations and engage highly proficient translators on our platform.

The Dutch & Flemish language group comprises over 25 million native speakers which form part of an economically powerful region. Furthermore, Belgium and The Netherlands have always played a central role in the European Community, both historically and geographically. The region of Flanders in Belgium and the Randstad area (consisting of Amsterdam and Rotterdam, among other cities) in the Netherlands are booming industrial and logistic crossroads with some of the largest ports in the world and an extensive network of highways and byways.

While technically the same language, there are distinct differences between Dutch (spoken in the Netherlands) and Flemish (spoken in the Northern part of Belgium). From a “text book” point of view, Flemish and Dutch are the same. However, from a cultural aspect, Dutch and Flemish do have their differences. The differences are similar to those of American English and British English.

In the case of Dutch and Flemish, the difference is found in the use of words and meaning rather than in the spelling differences between American English and British English. While a relatively uniform Dutch language is spoken in the Netherlands and Flanders, differences do exist. At Trusted Translations, we understand these subtle but important differences and will ensure your Dutch or Flemish translations are tailored accurate to your target audience.


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