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Arabic Translation Services


With some 270 million speakers, including about 220 native speakers, Arabic is an extremely useful and strategic language in the context of your business today. The translation of your documents in Arabic is key for expansion in the Middle East, where there are many potential economic partners. Faced with this reality, Arabic translation is essential an essential strategic tool for companies wishing to conquer Arab markets. English-Arabic translation as well as Arabic-English translation are also among our most requested services.


Finding a qualified translator with mastery of a language as specific as Arabic, as well as a specialization in a particular field, can prove to be a real headache. Are you looking for a professional Arabic translator? You can count on us

With its experience in translation services, our agency has developed a network of reliable, rigorous, and competent Arabic-English and English-Arabic translators. They must pass a series of tests before they can be registered in our database. From the receipt of documents through delivery, your translation project is in good hands. In addition to translation, we offer correction, editing, and proofreading services.


  • Arabic financial translation services
  • Arabic business translations services
  • Arabic scientific translation services
  • Arabic medical translation services
  • Arabic technical translation services
  • Arabic  legal translation services
  • Arabic marketing translation services
  • Arabic website translation services
  • Arabic subtitling services
  • Arabic video game translation services
  • Fast translation services in Arabic

Arabic Translation Services in Dubai

The Arabic language counts almost 300 million native speakers, which make it the fifth most spoken language in the world and the largest member of the Semitic language family, which also comprises Hebrew and Aramaic. As most other Semitic languages, Arabic is written from right to left. Modern standard Arabic is a primarily written form, very similar to the classical Arabic of the Quran. However, the oral varieties of Arabic in, let’s say, Oman and Morocco are so different that two philology professors from these countries might be able to talk about ancient texts while having trouble ordering lunch.

With our network of native Arabic Translators, we are able to satisfy all of our clients’ language needs for translations and interpretations from and into Arabic.

Our quality translation language combinations include:

  • Arabic into English translation and English into Arabic;
  • Arabic into Spanish and Spanish into Arabic;
  • Arabic into French and French into Arabic;
  • Arabic into German and German into Arabic;
  • Arabic into Russian and Russian into Arabic;
  • Arabic into Italian and Italian into Arabic;
  • Arabic into Chinese and Chinese into Arabic;
  • Arabic into Portuguese and Portuguese into Arabic;
  • Arabic into Farsi and Farsi into Arabic.

Service types

Our global network comprises highly qualified translators who have professional experience in many different technical fields. Depending on the subject of your documents, we will select a translator who has deep knowledge of that specific field. In order to assure complete accuracy, translators always work into their mother tongue.

Here is a list of our main translation services.

Legal translations

We work with a global network of translation and legal experts who are specialized in legal translations. They perfectly know legal terminology and phraseology, as well as the legalization process. They are able to translate many different types of legal documents, such as:

Read more about our legal translation services.

Marketing and advertising translations

The language skills necessary for translating materials in the marketing and advertising sector may differ from those necessary in other technical translations. For this reason, we have formed a team of marketing and advertising translation experts who have considerable experience in cross-cultural communication.

We will help you define your business goals and we will take care of the translation of your marketing and advertising materials in order to ensure their effectiveness on foreign markets. Stand apart from the competition with our translation services!

Why choosing us?

There are several reasons for which you should choose our translation services:

  • wide experience in the translation field as a top language service provider;
  • outstanding quality at attractive prices and with prompt delivery;
  • confidentiality throughout the translation process;
  • use of the latest translation technologies;
  • willingness to satisfy the needs of all of our national and international clients.

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